What is the Bulletproof Coffee?

Are you wondering what bulletproof Coffee means? Or you want to know if there are any health benefits related to the consumption of bulletproof? In this blog post, we shall b answering all your questions and doubts regarding what is the bulletproof coffee.

what is the bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is also known as butter coffee with a high-calorie drink consisting of brewed coffee, added fat, grass-fed unsalted butter that is geared towards fueling your day to day activities.

It should be understood that Bulletproof is often associated with individuals that like low carbohydrate food and high-fat diets. You are expected to drink bulletproof coffee before breakfast; this helps to increase your energy level during workouts.

The reason is that it consists of caffeine and fats that fuel the body. No doubt, bulletproof coffee is very high in calories and fat. This is why it’s advisable to take it instead of meal. Taking bulletproof coffee would encourage excessive consumption of calories that may lead to heavyweight gain.

What Is the Bulletproof Coffee Benefit?

You may want to ask is bulletproof coffee good for your health. For the sake of clarity to ascertain if bulletproof coffee is good or bad for you. Let’s look at the benefits first, and then we discuss the bad side;

It fuel people on the keto diet

One of the excellent aspects of bulletproof is that it serves as a keto recipe. People who engage in the ketogenic diet require fat and some calories to make the body and the brain function well during workouts.

Why bulletproof coffee is bad

Drinking of bulletproof Coffee is very beneficial for energy; it boosts ketone levels in the blood. It energizes people on the keto diet to be smart. Bulletproof coffee consumption also improves mental and brain functionality.

Promotion of healthy bone and human immune system

Another benefit of Bulletproof Coffee is that it helps to boost bone nutrients and healthy human immune system. No doubt, bulletproof coffee contains grass-fed and vitamin K, which are higher in anti-inflammatory omega-3fatty acids.

Also, butter, which is a significant component of bulletproof coffee, fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, E, and D vital to a healthy immune system and bone health. You may want to add an egg before drinking.

Promote lower risk of premature death

This is another essential benefit of bulletproof coffee. Study reviews that individuals that consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day are likely to live longer than those who consume fewer coffee drinks like bulletproof coffee.

With the presence of coffee as the primary component of butter coffee, there are lower risks of premature death and heart diseases. Coffee is antioxidant and polyphenol content. You can enjoy these benefits by drinking it at any time of the day.

Bulletproof Coffee Weight Loss

Among the numerous benefits of bulletproof coffee, it stands out when it comes to weight loss. It induces weight loss through ketosis. When you engage in ketogenic workout or activities you gradually burn fats.

What is the Bulletproof Coffee

With your breakfast dosage of bulletproof coffee, you reduce the intake of carbs that morning meal would have added to your body system. It kills unnecessary drive and craving for carbs, and increase your cognitive functionality.

Why Bulletproof Coffee Is Bad: Bulletproof Coffee Calories

The bad side of drinking bulletproof coffee include but not limited to the following;

Increase Saturated Fats

As earlier stated, bulletproof coffee has high calories—health experts advise that unsaturated fats are better in the body than saturated fats.

You may not worry about fat intake, but the kind of fat consumption should be your concern. Replacing your healthy breakfast with bulletproof coffee drink diminishes your nutrient level.

Since bulletproof coffee is calorie-dense, the overconsumption of fat is not good. Excess of any fats will lead to excessive weight gain

Reduction in Nutrient Consumption

The consumption of bulletproof coffee means no breakfast. Bulletproof coffee replaces your breakfast meal. This implies that you are reducing your healthy nutrient intake.

This is not good for body health. Drinking bulletproof coffee instead of a healthy meal for breakfast does not constitute a healthy living, balanced diet. It would help if you had adequate protein, fiber, and better vitamins for daily living. With homemade bulletproof coffee, you enjoy more benefits that already made ones.

It Causes Stomach Upset

Not having a balanced breakfast and high fat consumption may cause stomach upset in many people, most especially people with gastrointestinal conditions like the IBS. This is so because fat induces gut motor activity.

Also, this is not recommended for athletes or individuals that engage in morning workouts.

Final Note

What is the Bulletproof coffee ideal Keto Recipe and it’s very good for individuals following a ketogenic diet. But for others who do not follow keto strategy, bulletproof coffee is not a balanced diet to commence the day.

Bulletproof coffee ideal Keto Recipe

It balls down to what you want if you are a ketogenic personality go for bulletproof coffee if you are a standard individual go for a balanced diet for breakfast.

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