Most people often encounter the problem of politely telling their girlfriends to shed some weight if she begins to get overweight. 

Sometimes they may get angry when you tell them to reduce weight to their faces.

Encourage Your Girlfriend to lose weight

Encourage Your Girlfriend to lose weight

Asking someone to lose weight is a much more delicate matter than most see it. 

There are numerous ways in which a person can react and sometimes they take it as a good review or some people get very offended by comments like that. 

However, there are ways you can ask your partner to lose weight without getting them offended. 

But before you start this process, you should ask yourself if you want her to lose weight because you are ashamed of her size. 

If your answer is YES then you should totally disembark from all this plan,

 but if she has gained a huge amount of weight and it has become detrimental to her health

You should definitely bring it to her notice and let her know about the health issues associated with being overweight. 

The main problem now is how to tell her to lose weight, I hope you learn a thing or two from this article.

Is it Rude To Tell Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight? 

Is it Rude To Tell Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight? 

I think this largely depends on the reasons involved and the reason behind it. 

If you want your partner to lose weight just so you can feel less ashamed about her in public, 

or just so you can feel better about yourself and have a bigger ego, there is something inherently wrong with you. 

It should always be about them, not you. Also, there are numerous ways in which you can tell your partners to lose weight without spilling it into their faces or acting rudely to them.  

When you act rudely you make them feel bad about themselves. 

However, there is nothing rude in telling your girlfriend to lose weight from a place to love and care. 

Best Ways To Motivate My Partner to Lose Weight? 

Well, there are numerous hacks that you can use to motivate your partner to lose weight. Let’s look at a few: 

1. Join her to actively take part in numerous workout activities and also various weight loss techniques that are useful to her like dieting and the likes.

 You can also show solidarity by joining her to take the same diet and letting her know that you would also gain numerous benefits from it.

2. Also, you can start by opting for more healthy food like salad and low carb means and this would make her notice and also begin to eat more healthy stuff. 

Do not eat certain food that you know your partner’s diet plan forbids so that they do not feel bad and have a relapse. 

3. Take on exercises with your partner, as little as walks and you can also go to the gym together. 

So she does not feel lonely or left out and you can also show that you support her through the journey.

4. This next one is a bit sketchy, you can buy her clothes that are smaller than her current size, and they definitely wouldn’t fit her and she would have to tell you that. 

You can then make comments that portray like you didn’t know she had added extra weight. 

This will bring her to the realization that she has added a lot of weight without her feeling hurt or offended and she would begin to work on that in no time. 

4. You can also plan a workout for yourself and pretend to her that you are not satisfied with your fitness. 

This is very effective because it works as a form of reverse psychology and it is 90 % effective. 

You can then ask her to take control of her fitness level in a positive way and she wouldn’t take it the wrong way. 

5. You can ask her to join yoga classes too and let her know that it is highly effective in releasing stress. 

Yoga is a really wonderful way to lose weight and also release your stress at the same time. 

 And before your girlfriend even realizes a thing she has lost her excess weight already. 

However, there are different types of yoga so you have to choose the one that burns excess calories the most. 

When Should I Tell My Date I’m Fat?

When Should I Tell My Date I'm Fat?

 If you are dating someone who you are in love with your partner, this is absolutely not a problem as they have seen you numerous times and there is no need to bring it up again,

 As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t use words like fat repeatedly around your date as sometimes it symbolizes low self-esteem. 

But if you are dating someone online or someone who you haven’t met in person.  

It is very important to always make it a premise and tell the person that you are fat

because not everybody is attracted to fat people (that is okay as everyone has their preferences). 

If they are into you they would keep the relationship going.

 It is much better this way because it is a lot more soul-crushing when you meet someone and realize they’re not attracted to you because of your weight.

What is The Right Way to Encourage Her to Slim Down Again?

 There are numerous ways to encourage your partner to slim down but do not forget to be emphatic

 And do not try to be forceful as she may develop rebellion and you would not achieve your goals. Also, let her know that it is good for her health also.

Does Overweight Affect Relationships?

Does Overweight Affect Relationships

 This is largely based on preference as not everyone wants to date a plus-sized partner.

 But it is very important that your partner does not make you feel bad about yourself.


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Bottom Line

Excess weight is one of the most prevalent problems we face in our society nowadays and even the people who are overweight do not see it most of the time.

 So it is our job to let them see and walk them through the weight reduction process in the nicest and most loving way possible.

Thanks for reading to the end.. so you have tried different methods to lose weight?

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