Most individuals do not know the total advantages of push-ups and think it is only used to build your cardiac system and excess your chest but this is very far from the truth. 

Push-ups have many functions and can be used to build the human upper body. 

This makes it stand out as most exercises focus on the lower body. Push-ups help you build the chest, shoulder, and muscle regions of your body. 

Push-ups also help you regulate your body weight as you use your body weight as a support in the course of the exercise so you are more likely to lose fat when trying out this exercise. 

Also, Push-ups do not need any equipment so you can begin this exercise from the comfort of your home and you don’t need any external pieces of equipment. 

Is it OK to do Push-ups Every Day?

Is it OK to do Push-ups Every Day?

 If you want to lose bodyweight and maintain a healthy exercise routine, you are advised to take your push-ups very seriously as they help to build the upper part of your body and they are also helpful in muscle building

Also, Push-ups give the body shoulder area much better support as well as a general increase in the body’s cardiovascular health. 

What Are The Benefits of Push-Ups?

at Are The Benefits of Push-Ups

 Push-up is a very healthy process and should be adopted by everyone. Here are some of the benefits: 

They Provide an Increase in the Body’s Flexibility:

 Push-ups help in the stretching of the muscles which further leads to increased body flexibility. 

This is achieved because of the type of activities involved in Push-ups. 

This increase in body flexibility also helps the body by preventing injuries

Reduction in Body Fat:

 Obesity is a common factor why people want to start exercising and Push-ups are very important for that as they help you lose weight fast especially in your upper body area. 

You need no supplement or any artificial products as Push-ups are totally healthy and natural to the body. 

Push-ups Help to Build Body Strength

Push-ups can help increase body strength levels as well as build body muscles. 

This exercise impacts many muscles at the same time and you can be stronger just by carrying out your push-up exercise regularly. 

Posture Improvement: 

You can make sure your body’s posture is improved just by regular push-ups as when you do this exercise you work on your body’s core muscles which aid in the improvement of the body posture.

They do not Require Any Equipment at All: 

push-ups can be carried out without going into the gym or spending a single amount of money. 

You can carry out the exercise anywhere you are as it is very cheap. All you need is your body. 

How Many Pushups Should You Do a Day to See Results?

How Many Pushups Should You Do a Day to See Results

 Most people often do not know the number of push-ups to do per day before they can consider it enough to lose weight or to improve the body muscles. 

Most people overdo the push-ups and there are a lot of people who fail to meet up to the required amounts for standard push-ups.

 It is however difficult to start your push-up routine and you are advised to continue doing push-ups so that you can get better at them. 

The average number of pushups you should do in a day varies on certain factors like the amount of fat you want to lose, weight, strength level among other things. 

However, an average person should be able to carry out 50 to 100 push-ups in a day in order to start seeing some good results. 

What Will Happen To Your Body if You Push Up Every Day Is There Any Risk?

What Will Happen To Your Body if You Push Up Every Day Is There Any Risk

 While push-ups are very good for the body and body health, you are at risk if you do too many pushups and Partake in an unhealthy exercise routine. 

Here are a few of the risks you will face when it’s done in excess: 

Wrist Pain: 

This is prevalent among many bodybuilders that perform push-ups and many other weight-bearing exercises in an unhealthy manner. 

When the hand is bent backwards for too long the wrist begins to hurt and this can lead to serious complications if not treated with care. 

If you experience wrist pain when you do exercises like push-ups you should visit a doctor so that the doctor may put you on some medications or recommend another training exercise for you. 

Excruciating Back Pain: 

Excruciating Back Pain

unhealthy push-up exercises can cause discomfort in the back and this often leads to back pain which is terrible.

 People with back pain should always talk to a medical professional before engaging in push-ups. 

Joint Injury: 

excessive push-ups have been studied to increase the risk of joint problems and also ligament tear.

 Faster push-ups also put more pressure on the muscles and can cause problems to the elbow if there is a tear.

 You are however advised to stick to lower push-ups. 

Which Age Should Push Ups?

Which Age Should Push Ups

 There is technically no age limit for push-up exercises as kids as little as 7 and 8 are advised to start doing mild push-ups to help build their bodies and improve body health. 

However, when an individual crosses the 50-70-year-old mark, they are advised to lower the number of push-ups they do per day to a minimum of 5 for women and 10 for men. 

Do Push Ups Help To Lose Weight?

 Yes, push-ups have a lot of functions apart from building the body muscles and this includes removal of excess far from the body.  Faster push-ups mean that the body will lose fat in a much quicker way,

 Although it is not advised, slower push-ups are much safer and are good for people who have a chest condition and also those who are just recovering from an injury. 


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Bottom Line: 

push-ups are one of the healthiest ways to exercise and they are very effective when it comes to the weight loss journey. 

You must endeavour to take part in regulated and healthy push-ups in order to get your desired results.


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