How to Politely Tell Your Kids to Lose Weight without Hurting Their Feelings

 Body fat is a very sensitive topic in America as studies have shown that one-third of every American kid is overweight. 

Most people often frown at the prospect of asking your kids to lose weight because it is very risky for your kids as it can lead to irregular eating disorders. 

However, kids’ obesity is very dangerous as it can cause a lot of problems that would be detrimental to the health of your child. 

Research has shown that kids who suffer from obesity are more likely to have health problems like obesity and liver diseases.

 Being overweight can also affect your kids psychologically as some kids suffer depression due to social stigma associated with obesity.

Can Your Kid’s Self-Confidence Be Hurt When You Put Him/Her on a Diet? 

 There are certain ways your kid would react if you brought up the topic of dieting and weight loss and some kids have been recorded to be happy about it and some were outrightly depressed. 

There are a few ways you can make sure their self-confidence doesn’t hurt when you tell them about dieting. 

1. Strive Not to Talk About Their Body Weight, But Their Body Health:

 Most kids would happily embrace the idea of keeping the most healthy lifestyle possible, and when you tell them to lose weight as a way to improve their body health they are more than happy to do so. 

2. Always use the Most Subtle Words Possible:

 make sure you don’t use any harsh words when talking to your kids about the weight loss process. 

3. Talk About Your Kids’ Self-Esteem Rather Than Focus Solely On Their Weight

This helps you move on to the solution as opposed to dwelling on the problems. 

4. Always Praise Your Kids For Their Health Decisions and Encourage Them To Do Better: 

Kids love encouragement and reassurances as this makes them strive to achieve more to keep the praises coming. 

5. Start by Creating Small Goals With Your Kid: 

This is very helpful no matter how little the goals may be. Make them realize that it is very important for them to achieve all their weight loss goals as it is very important in the weight loss journey.

How To Politely Tell Him/Her That We Are Putting Him/Her On A Diet?

 This can be very hard because it is difficult for kids to accept that they would have to give up on their favourite foods, just because their bodies would be unhealthy if they don’t.

Notwithstanding some of few tips that can be helpful: 

Make Sure You Are Friendly: 

You need to have a great deal of patience when dealing with kids as regards their body weight. 

Most kids find it hard to understand that their bodies can take a different and unhealthy shape because of their bad eating choices. 

Be As Involved As Possible:

 To make sure that your kid understands the right diet to follow you have to give them some form of assurance that you are going to be just as involved as them. 

It is very important that they have a role model as this has proven to be very helpful when it comes to kids’ weight loss and body health. 

Ensure That You Remain Positive

Do not forget to stay positive when talking to your kid about dieting as most kids suffer from low self-esteem as a result of obesity

It is very important that you do not say anything negative as it may crush their spirits. 

Ways To Motivate Obsessed Teenagers With Low Self-Esteem To Lose Weight:

It might be difficult to motivate a kid who suffers from low self-esteem as a result of the stigma that comes with being overweight. 

But every good parent would have to make sure their kid is properly motivated and ready to begin the weight loss journey on their own. 

As it is much easier when they decide on their own. Here are a few tips: 

Encourage Exercise: 

Most kids would prefer the least physical way in order to lose weight especially if they are girls. 

but it is very important that you let them know the importance of exercise and the huge role it plays in your kid’s weight loss journey. 

Choose Healthy and Nutritious Foods: 

Their choice of food is a major factor as kids always tend to love sweets and other foods with high calories. 

It is your duty to let them know the damage calories can do to their body in regards to bodyweight and suggest that they adopt much more healthy and nutritious foods. 

Try Behavior Modification Techniques

You have to make sure that they show full commitment to the weight loss process and that they change their previous behaviours which made them gain so much weight in the first place. 

Follow-up With Your Pediatrician: 

Make sure as a parent you are serious and you make frequent inquiries and set up appointments with your kid’s doctor.

Be Supportive To Your Kids: 

This is the most important way to motivate your kid in their weight loss journey, as kids feel a lot more motivated when they are supported and when there is some sort of faith in them. 

You have to show your kids that you are totally behind them and you are determined to support them through their weight loss journey.

Can Parents Stop Their Overweight Kids From Eating High Calorie Food?

 Kids can be very difficult at times and it may be quite hard for you to get them to change their habits and stop eating high-calorie meals. 

You have to take a more empathic approach rather than sternly making them change their diet.

 Kids tend to be rebellious when they feel the use of force but if you make them see the need to stop the intake of high calories without any force you would likely make good progress. 


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Bottom Line: 

Weight loss continues to be a very sensitive topic especially with kids and you will need to be very careful when discussing it with your kid if you hope to make any progress.

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