No Matter What I Do I can't Lose Weight why

Weight gain can actually be caused by a vast amount of factors ranging from lifestyle to health issues.

 Most individuals set out on the weight loss journey and expect to lose weight within the first three to five days of carrying out weight loss activities. 

This often leads to immense frustration as sometimes this is not really possible and you have to consistently carry out these practices for as long as three weeks sometimes. 

However, you should not panic or feel disappointed and give up your activities as you would begin to see the desired results soon enough as long as you remain devoted to it. 

What to do if you need to lose weight?

No Matter What I Do I can't Lose Weight why

What to do if you need to lose weight? There are a few hacks that can help you on your weight loss journey. Let’s look at a few of them: 

Always eat breakfast every day

 Most of the people that have successfully carried out their weight loss process have one thing in common, they didn’t joke with breakfast. 

A lot of people think they can burn calories by skipping breakfast but this is very wrong because during the day they would end up eating more throughout the day than those that have their breakfasts. 

It is advisable that you take light food for breakfast, preferably low carb foods and healthy dairy products. 

Do not eat late at night

 This is also one of the most important ways to ensure that you don’t put on too much weight, you should set up a special time when you would stop eating for the day. 

This prevents you from eating any midnight food, also you can have light food like ice cream or a cup of tea if you feel the need to eat something sweet after your chosen time. 

Cut down on carbonated drinks and other calorie-rich liquids

 You should opt for water much more than carbonated drinks to quench your thirst as carbonated drinks contain more calories than solid food. 

You should also opt for highly nutritious and other low-calorie fruit drinks.  One other thing you should avoid is alcoholic drinks because they contain a great number of calories and thus gain a ridiculous amount of weight. 

Have Protein at Every Meal and Snack

 Adding protein to your meals and snacks would help you maintain weight as well as make you less likely to overeat.

 You can start with eggs, beans, little meat, yoghurt, this helps you maintain your blood sugar. 

Possible reasons why you aren’t losing weight?

from experience here are possible reasons for most not losing weight 

You do not keep track of what you are eating

Most of the time you do not have any idea how much food you are actually putting into your body.  

Experts say that when you keep a detailed note of what you eat, your weight loss process is a lot easier. 

You can make use of food diaries to document your meals daily so as to keep watch of what you eat.  You should also know that there are a few disadvantages of food tracking. 

Cut down on carbonated drinks and other calorie-rich liquids

you might experience some harmful side effects if you get too involved in food tracking and it has a negative impact on your food intake. 

You fail to eat adequate protein

 If you are actively planning to lose weight, one nutrient you must take seriously is protein. Eating protein at a healthy rate boosts the body system by providing adequate energy and fewer calories. 

It also reduces extra sweet cravings and unhealthy snacking.  If you eat breakfast frequently, be sure to eat adequate protein. 

Research has shown that eating a high-protein breakfast can make you less hungry during the day and also make you less reluctant to eat throughout the day.

What should I change, must I change my lifestyle to lose weight? 

This largely depends on the type of lifestyle you are living prior to your weight gain.

If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle and this makes you add excess weight, you have to change your lifestyle so that you can lose weight and stay healthy. 

 There are however numerous methods you can take on if you want to see desired results. 

What to do when you can’t lose weight?

What to do when you can't lose weight

Always get adequate sleep at night

studies have shown that inadequate sleep can be detrimental to you as it slows down your body metabolism. 

And excess fat is produced when your body is unable to metabolize proteins efficiently. Lack of sleep also causes the body to produce a ridiculous amount of cortisol. 

This hormone causes the body to store a high amount of fat which leads to excessive weight gain when it is produced in high amounts. 

Eat food rich in Fiber

Food that is rich in fiber helps you hold your belly for longer so you don’t feel hungry easily. 

This helps you prevent snacking because most snacks are filled with sugar and fat which is not helpful to your weight loss journey. 

Take food rich in fiber like bread, beans, peas, oats which help you stay without snacking. 

Pay attention to your meals

 This simply means that you should be more attentive to what you eat. Sometimes people do not pay attention to when they eat as they eat while doing other things like driving, working, or watching TV. 

This means that their attention is taken from their food and is given to whatever they are doing. 

Some ways that can help you eat more consciously are: 

  1. Eating your food slowly and not rushing the meal. 
  2. Avoid doing other things like working or driving, watching TV, or performing other activities while eating so that you can focus on your food. 
  3.  Always sit down to eat. Ensure that you are comfortable while eating as this helps your posture and also makes you concentrate on your food. 

Should I Exercise more or eat less to Lose Weight?

Should I Exercise more or eat less to Lose Weight

 Many people often make the mistake of deciding to eat less and not do any exercises because they plan to lose weight because this triggers a set of activities and you end up still consuming the same food or even more.

 So it is much better for you to exercise more often instead of refusing to eat. 

Bottom Line

Losing weight can seem a bit problematic if you do not get it right as there are a lot of factors involved. 

And sometimes when you feel like you have been carrying out all the exercising activities with little results, all you have to do is check which of the departments you are faltering and buckle up so you can get your desired results.

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