Most people who are not familiar with the dynamics of weight loss often feel overwhelmed whenever they check the scales and discover that they are losing some weight, 

but there is no change in their physical size or sometimes they even look fatter. 

If you have experienced this you should know that you have lost some weight but you didn’t lose any fat. 

For context, body weight is made up of the total fat in your body plus your muscles, water, and other organs present in your body. 

Is It Possible To Lose Weight But Look Fatter?

Depressed overweight woman sitting on the floor and doesn't wont to exercise.

So when you are losing weight but looking fatter, there is a big chance that you are only losing water and muscle mass present in your body and not fat. 

Body fat has some advantages but having too much body fat can become a problem as it is known to cause so many disorders like diabetes and obesity. 

To lose both body weight and body fat you have to pay close attention and make some health-affecting decisions that would ensure that you lose them both. 

Is It Better To Lose Pounds Or Inches? 

While most people do not know the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

 Weight loss affects the entire body weight while fat loss is simply the reduction of the total fat present in the body. 

Fat loss is much more specific than weight loss as it affects only the fat present in the body. 

However, it is much more important to lose body fat than to lose body weight in general as loss of body fat helps you to prevent fat-related diseases like obesity and diabetes. 

Does Weight Loss Increase Body Size? 

Does Weight Loss Increase Body Size

No, you can lose body weight and there would be a reduction in your total body size.

 This is due to a reduction in body weight and body fat and cannot be achieved by dieting alone

For this reason, it is very important that you do exercise and live a healthy life. 

Reasons I’m Losing Weight But Looking Fatter And How to Fix That

You may reach the desired weight loss result but, you may feel disappointed because you keep getting fatter. 

Here are a few things thing that might cause it and the way out;

Low Amount Of Sleep

Adequate Rest or sleep the easiest way to lose weight naturally

One of the most important things when it comes to weight loss and body health, in general, is adequate sleep. 

Lack of sleep has been known to cause obesity and body irregularities. Sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy balance in your stomach levels. 

Lack of sleep has been known to cause hunger which in turn makes it very hard for you to stick to a certain diet and this eventually makes you unable to shed your body fats. 

How to Fix That 

There is only one way you can fix this and that is to ensure that you get adequate sleep.

 If you have any trouble with your sleep routine, you can try to partake in other techniques that would make you fall asleep easier like meditation. 

You can also try to drink some water before you sleep and this is a good option because it helps regulate your body hunger levels.

Excess Water In The System

Drink water to loss weight

While water has numerous uses in the body system, an excess amount of water can be a problem. 

This problem is caused by the failure of the body to adequately export the excess fluids in the body.

 Excess water in the body can be caused by lack of exercise, obesity, kidney disorders among other things. 

Also, you can lose weight without looking slimmer because there is excess water in your body which causes swelling.

How To Fix That: 

It is very important that you see a doctor when you begin to see the signs of excess water present in your system. 

Also, you can try to stay away from food that is rich in sodium like soft drinks, canned foods, and excess table salt.

Taking Excess Calories


 Excess calories are one of the major causes of fat and if you do not reduce your intake of calories there is a big chance that you may lose weight but still gain body fat. 

Substances rich in calories like alcohol, carbonated drinks, juices are filled with calories and can make you have excess fat in your belly. 

It is very hard to lose abdominal fat so if you do not pay attention to your belly fat there is every tendency that you may shed some weight but see no improvement in your belly region.

How To Fix That 

The best way to stop adding excess calories into your body is to stop the intake of high-calorie contents like carbonated drinks like alcohol.

 Take water instead. You can also take in tea and natural coffee,

You can also take weight loss tea Like Java Burn so that you wouldn’t run out of options.

Reduction In Water Weight Only

Reduction In Water Weight Only

This occurs when you lose water weight but you do not lose other weight like muscular weight and also body fat.

 This is caused when you focus on the loss of water weight and ignore the other weight loss procedures.

How To Fix That 

This can be corrected by the adequate intake of water. 

You are advised to drink at least 8 cups of water a day and make sure you take water at strategic points of the day. 

You can also solve this by reducing the number of carbohydrates you take every day as they contain a high amount of water when they are stored.

Why Waist Getting Bigger While Losing Weight

This is caused by a number of reasons, firstly this is caused by improper weight loss as the measures you take do not help you lose weight in your waist region. 

So it tends to get bigger while bodyweight gets reduced everywhere else. Secondly, your overall fat is a factor because some individuals have more weight in their abdominal area. 

And even when they are losing fat at an equal rate, the waist area still looks bigger than other parts of the body. 

Thirdly, your posture can also affect this so you must ensure that you adopt a good posture if you are overweight. 

Is It Common To Look Fat Even After Losing Weight? 

Why Do I Look Bigger When I Lose Weight

Yes, it is quite common to look fat on the outside even while you are performing weight loss activities. 

When this happens, it means that you are performing weight loss activities wrongly as you are naturally supposed to lose body fat alongside body weight. 

So you should change your weight loss procedures if this happens to you.

Disadvantages of Weight Loss

 While weight loss is very good as it helps your body prevent disorders that come with excess fat,

 There are some disadvantages of rapid weight loss and weight loss in general. 

Some of these disadvantages include: 

  1. Muscle loss
  2. Headaches
  3. Constipation
  4. Fatigue
  5. Hair loss
  6. Dizzines 


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Bottom Line

I’m sure you now know that you can lose weight and see no change in your body size and you do not have to panic. 

All you need to do is take the correct steps towards making sure that you lose body fat alongside your body weight.

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