what is ketogenic diet

Ketosis involves the ability of the body to burn out stored fat for energy rather than blood sugar.

In other words, the Ketogenic diet causes your body to release ketones into the bloodstream.

what is ketogenic diet

It should be understood that ketogenic diets are super high fat, low carb, and more.

When you are on a ketogenic diet, you are invariably reducing the intake of carbohydrates and replacing it with a high-fat diet; this process places your body system in a metabolic state called ketosis.

Do Keto Diets Work?

do keto diet works?

No doubt, the keto diet is very effective in weight loss plan; but it should be noted that the keto diet does not work for everyone, and does not work for the very long-term.

Low-carb diets like the keto diet show some short-term weight loss. Keto diet may ensure hunger is reduced and you engage in ketosis more often, but it should not be the primary weight loss strategy if indeed you want to burn fat.

When you choose to engage in keto diet to reduce weight, do make sure you consider the possible side effects that it may cause.

Things you should know about Keto Diet

Here we shall be looking at the various things you should know about before embarking on keto diet plan;

Reduced Muscle Mass


Once you engage in a keto diet, you probably going to have less muscle mass. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Once you go off the keto diet rules and guidelines , you regain your original weight.

Increased heart diabetes and heart disease


Medical experts say that those who engage in the ketogenic diet without their proper consultation from medical professionals often suffer from diabetes and other heart diseases since the keto diet involves the consumption of high-fat diets.



When there is an absence of fiber in your keto diet, diarrhea is inevitable. Once you find yourself using the toilet more often on a ketogenic diet, just know that your gallbladder is overwhelmed.

That is, the organ is unable to produce bile to break down excess fat in the diet.

Triggers increased Weight

keto Diet Triggers increased Weight

When you engage in a keto diet for the long-term, it may triggers increase weight.

Experts say that many people may likely regain a lot of weight once they go back to eating carbs. This is one of the reasons why experts emphasize that the keto diet is not for everyone.


Keto acidosis side of Keto

If you are a type 1 or type diabetes sufferer, do avoid keto diet. If you must engage in a ketogenic diet, strictly follow your doctor’s prescriptions.

It may be helpful for the treatment of diabetes, hyperglycemia, but you must keep your blood sugar level in check.

What are the Benefits of Keto Diet?

As stated earlier, there are various health benefits of the keto diet. These benefits vary from individuals.

Here are some importance of ketogenic diets that you should know;

  • Keto help to treat epilepsy
  • Promote weight loss goal
  • Helps to reduce diabetes
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Treatment of cancer and reduction of Alzheimer’s disease

Keto help to treat epilepsy

Keto help to treat epilepsy

The benefits of engaging in keto diet goose beyond weight loss; it can help to prevent seizures in children.

Also, it is very efficient for the treatment of epilepsy in adults by eating Atkins diets.

Promote weight loss goal


One of the man advantages of the keto diet is that it enhances weight loss. Much research has shown how effective and efficient keto diet can be when it comes to weight loss.

Research shows that individuals on a keto diet lose 3 times weight than those in a normal diet plan. This implies that a keto diet can help you lose more weight than a low-fat diet without going hungry.

Helps to reduce diabetes


Since diabetes is associated with high blood sugar levels, changes in metabolism, and more.

The keto diet can help you reduce excess fat which is related to type 2 diabetes.

Keto diet can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce excess fat thereby improving the wellbeing of individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Prevent heart disease

Keto Prevent heart disease

Another benefit of the keto diet is that it helps to regulate your blood pressure, sugar level, body fat and more.

Treatment of cancer and reduction of Alzheimer’s disease

Keto is the Treatment of cancer and reduction of Alzheimer's disease

The ketogenic diet is also suitable for the treatment of several types of cancer. It also reduces or instead slow-down the growth of a tumor and Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods Good for Keto

There are numerous healthy food good for keto diet like;

  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Watermelon Meat like red meat, ham, bacon, chicken
  • Low-carb veggies like onions, tomatoes
  • Seafood like fish, shellfish, mackerels
  • Plain yogurt
  • Coconut oil
  • Cucumbers

The above foods are keto-friendly and are very good to bring about your weight loss plan to a reality.


Bottom Line

On the final note, the keto diet has numerous health benefits that goose beyond weight loss.

It is important to understand the reason why you are on a ketogenic diet.

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