How to Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

Side fat is the direct opposite of fitness and everyone wants to be associated with being fit which makes side fat one of the most undesirable things as people. 

people May question how they lose side fat because losing weight is one thing but losing weight in certain specific areas is a totally different ball game on its own.

how to side fat and belly fat

 The major solutions would be work out and diet but there have also been different ways in which aide fat can be lost in person aside from exercise and dieting. 

Here are some ways to lose Belle fat. 

Eat and Chew Slowly

Eat and Chew Slowly to lose side fat and belly fat

People who eat fast and quick have been known to get fat easily and a lot quicker than those who eat faster.

 It doesn’t require so much to understand this and it isn’t rocket science. If you eat so much so fast you may be required to eat more over short periods. 

If you eat slowly you won’t eat as much and you would spend a lot more time and your brain begins to tell you, you have been spending so much time on the food and you should be filled at the time. 

Imagine it as eating one bowl for an hour and eating two bowls for 45minutes. 

When you eat fast you would have to eat more in a shorter time because your brain tells you, you haven’t spent enough time eating. 

Aside from logic and the basic understanding of things, it has also been shown via observational research that faster eaters tend to put on more weight and look fatter than slow eaters. 

Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat With Lemon

Lemon has been associated a lot with Weight loss and it has been used by many and proven to be very reliable when it comes to losing weight.

 There are so many ways to use lemon as it may be too harsh to ingest all but itself and one of the best ways is the lemon water technique. 

To do this you have to slice a couple of lemons and put them in a glass of water.

 You can create the concentration based on how you want it.

 If you want a huge result fast you can increase the concentration by using more lemon in little water depending on how much you can take it. 

Lemon has been known to reduce the digestion and assimilation of sugar and starches which play major roles in weight addition. 

Lemon also speed up metabolism giving your body so much energy which is dispensable, Giving you strength and allowing you to do exercises and more work. 

Lemon itself has very low calories and doctors advise that you substitute sodas and other sugary drinks for lemon water. 

Asides from these advantages, lemon water also keeps you full as it reduces assimilation of food especially high calorie food keeping you fuller than normal even at little food.

The Lemon, Garlic, and Honey Mixture

Sometimes going traditional is always the best and the most effective and this is why this method is highly recommended.

 It has been tested by many and has been known to work seamlessly. 

Losing side fat isn’t easy and as you know sometimes you may need to go all out to make sure you do get the desired results you want. 

Creating this mixture here is what you need and how to get it done. First, you need to get hot water as the base of this mixture and put it in a glass.

 Next, you get the lemon juice. You have to make sure it’s lemon juice and not just lemon as a fruit.

 You use two full spoons of lemon juice in a glass for one serve. Next is the garlic. You have to slice the garlic into small pieces and pour them into the mixture.

 You can use up to 5 pieces if you like provided you have a significant amount in it. The next is the honey. 

You have to fill the spoon with pure honey and leave it in for all the honey to go into the mixture.

 Use the spoon to mix properly till they have all mixed properly. This is one very potent way of losing side fat and belly fat and you can never go wrong with this mixture. 

If you use this every day you must surely see yourself losing side fat and belly fat in 5days straight 

Drink coffee To Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

Drink coffee To Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine activates a type of fat called brown fat. 

The activation of this fat allows it to be burnt off and released as sweat on the surface of the skin thus losing some of those side fat in the body. 

Caffeine is also associated with increasing the body metabolism and the rate at which fat is burnt in the body including this side fat. 

Side fat or better still love handles are quite disheartening to see and one of the reasons for this is because it takes away cloth fittings. 

This of course begs the question of “how to lose side fat and belly fat” although some answers are far-fetched, some are quite accessible and this is one of them. 

As your body metabolism is increased, you get more strength to do certain things because your body is constantly producing energy for you to do work and thus you are constantly burning those side fat 

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods to lose weight

This isn’t a form of dieting where you are told what to eat and what not to eat, you are allowed to eat whatever you want, but the question is, can you? Here is the mechanism of how fiber works. 

The Body doesn’t have the right chemicals and system to digest fibers and as a matter of fact, it can’t, but fibers are very good for the body and they are encouraged to be taken more. 

Fibers fill the stomach and are high satiable foods and this means they keep you filled for longer hours and thus after a high Fibre meal, you are going to be fuller and won’t be able to eat more. 

If you want to lose that side fat and Belly fat then you must eat a lot of Fibre because it doesn’t have any fat or sugar or energy,

it doesn’t leave any space for you to take fatty foods or high energy foods and it lets you burn the side fat in you. 

Use Surgery Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

Use Surgery Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

There are two types of surgeries that can be done as regards losing side fat and Belly fat.

The first is tummy tuck surgery and the other is liposuction. 

They both have different mechanisms but they all aim at the same thing, taking away the side fat and belly fat you have. 

For liposuction, this is the removal of little fat deposited in specific areas of the waist and Belly. It allows you to target a specific area of fat and deal with it directly. 

If you are obese, liposuction is not the surgery for you, it is directly aimed at removing small deposits of fat which can be found on the waist or sides.

 Tummy tuck surgery on the other hand is removed excess fat from the sides and abdominal areas. It also removes excess chunks of skin from the Belly giving it a perfect fit. 

You can lose extra weight but you can’t lose extra skin and you may need surgery to take out the extra skin sagging from weight loss or pregnancy or drastic loss of weight.

 During this process, the organs in the midsection are brought closer together so most of the excess unneeded skin can be cut off. 

Use Waist Trainers To Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

Use Waist Trainers To Lose Side Fat and Belly Fat

This is one way to lose side fat and belly fat. Many ask the question, is it healthy? The answer is no, does it work? The answer is yes. 

You may not lose so much at once but the first great advantage is, you instantly have a small waist when you have it on. 

While you have it on, you immediately begin to perspire on your waist and abdominal regions causing you to lose some of this weight.

 Also, you won’t be able to eat as much since your stomach is tightened up or you may need to learn not to eat as much since you are going to put it on. 

You would feel very much uncomfortable when you wear it and you would almost always feel choked but if you really want to lose those side fat then this should be an option for you. 

Getting rid of love handles has never been easy but with the above method listed, you definitely can’t go wrong.

 Love handles or better still side fat takes away confidence and affects the overall looks of a person. 

People tend to treat beautiful people better this one should always aim to look the best they can. 

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Conclusion – What Causes Side Fat 

The simple cause is referred to as fat retention.

 When you have fat inside of you, these fat cells store in specific areas first, and when dense in those areas, they move to other areas and the first areas are the stomach and abdominal regions. 

Certain exercises allow you to target these fats specifically though.

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