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10 Garage Gym Setup on a Budget – Hacks to Build Very Cheap Gym in 2021

When people think of starting a Garage gym setup at home, they think it’s impossible to do this or they think it is going to be totally hard to achieve. 

Although it may not be the easiest of things to do, it would not be close to the hardest. 

Here are some of the 10 best garage ideas to build a gym in your garage on a budget.

Garage gym ideas

Hacks to Build Very Cheap Gym in 2021

Quality is Better

Quality is Better

Although this might be contradictory in some sense but in the real sense, is it really? 

If you want to build a cheap home gym because you are on a budget and you create a Home gym off of fake stuff and low-quality materials you may end up building one gym twice. 

You may buy low-quality stuff and they last for a very short time and you may have to buy them again that’s spending twice the money, twice the time and the stress. 

So quality may be better in this case because the number of times you would buy cheap equipment may be more than the cost of actually good quality equipment

There are various forms of steel. You don’t have to buy the most expensive or most fancy but one which last longest but in truth that’s the true budget and cheap. 

The budget isn’t spending $1000 every 3months but spends $5000 every 5 years. 

Maximize Black Friday Or Amazon Prime Day For Gym Equipment 

Maximize Black Friday Or Amazon Prime Day For  garage Gym Equipment
Black Friday promotion sale on laptop screen. Young couple doing shopping online

If you are going to build a gym on a budget, you should be patient when doing it. 

You need to be meticulous and save every dollar you can instead of spending recklessly because obviously, that’s not cheap and not advisable when you are on a budget.

 One of the strategies you can maximize fully when building a gym at home is to buy the heavy and expensive stuff on black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

Black Friday and prima day give you everything cheaply and sometimes unrealistic if you look deep enough. 

Many people say, why not just wait and buy everything on black Friday or prime day and the answer is simple. 

You wouldn’t have a gym until black Friday. Not all the equipment needs to be bought during black Friday. 

Some could be bought at a normal price because even the price difference may be negligible.

 Buying heavier and more expensive things will give you a lot more discount on black Friday than any other.

 Turning your garage into a gym hasn’t been easier than this. 

Horse Stall Mats all the Way

Horse Stall Mats Garage gym equipment

When you are on a budget, the idea is to spend the least money on the most effective you can get.

 It’s not necessarily buying the buy or getting the best things but getting the best you can at the smallest possible amount of money which is an advantage. 

This said, wanting to build a Garage gym setup on a budget you always come to the dilemma of whether to buy exercise mats or horse stall mats. 

The answer is always the same. Get Horse Stall Mats. First for the obvious reason. They are cheaper. Secondly, they are more durable and thicker than exercise mats. 

Exercise mats are very thin, expensive, and don’t give you a very wonderful feeling.

 This is one of the best Garage Gym Ideas on a Budget and this makes your home gym very comfortable even though you are on a budget. 

Buy More, Save More

Buy More, Save More on gym

The basic principle of this is very easy to understand. When you buy more Things at the same time you save in many directions.

 First, you save more on shipping. When it comes to buying things that have to be shipped, it is based on weight so the heavier it is the more it would cost.

 Since this is the case some things may be outrightly top expensive so the company or seller just removes the shipping fee and this mainly would happen if the goods bought are so much and worth so much.

 If you decide to buy things singly, they would add the shipping fees to it thus making them overall very expensive when you eventually buy the same things you bought in bulk. 

Do Not be too Frugal, be Smart

Do Not be too Frugal, be Smart

When you are turning your garage into a gym, most of the ideas you need are ideas that should be channelled towards making the gym the best. 

It can be at the smallest of prices and this idea here tells you how to make the best of your money and spend less and also tell you, the answer is not frugality. 

With frugality, you would spend more. 

Buy Directly from the Company

Buy Garage gym Directly from the Company

This may be hard or stressful but it can be done. 

You have to buy your materials from the company for several reasons, first, they are obviously cheaper. 

If you are going to get the lowest price possible it is going to be from the company because any retailer would add more money to the price to make their profit.

 Also when you buy from the company, you most likely will get a very durable product and thus would stand the test of time. 

Buying from the company also comes with a discount and that discount could make a world of difference if you buy in bulk what you need. 

Try to get Equipment with Insurance

get garage gym Equipment with Insurance

Buying from the company also gives you insurance. 

You are able to get a new product or in rare cases get a refund if the equipment is bad or faulty. 

This may be possible in some retail shops but it is really rare and far more stressful than doing it directly from the company. 

It doesn’t have to be Perfect 

This is very important. You have to understand that you are looking to comprise. 

The aim is to take the best we can get at the best price not just get the best. If a good piece of equipment just has a scratch that undervalues it, then take it.

 If there is a small flaw that doesn’t necessarily undermine or reduce the ability or quality of equipment but reduces the price then take it. 

You can get a perfect garage gym if you want to buy pieces of equipment that are in perfect condition.

 When companies make products and equipment there are some very good ones and there are some with a few blemishes or imperfections that don’t necessarily render the product bad but reduces the value a bit. 

Some companies sell this with the main stock because of course, you wouldn’t know but others don’t.

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As a matter of fact, most companies have a separate section for products like this and like to keep them away from the main sections. 

These products are sold for cheaper with most likely no warranty and also you are told the imperfections.

 This is one of the best gym ideas. Many times people who want to make a Garage gym setup use this idea to get all their equipment.

 The downside is, you may not find all the pieces of equipment in this category. 

Invest in Versatility 

Having 5 different machines do 5 different things could be fun but if you want to build a joke Garage gym setup on a budget then you should be thinking of 2 equipment doing the whole 5 jobs. 

Versatility right there. That’s the word. You have to go for equipment which could help you do more than those who do less.

 If you take a look at the price of things, you would also discover that it would be a lot better to get the versatile equipment because although the singles may be cheaper. 

 If you put together everything the versatile pieces of equipment does, it may just amount to half the total singles. 

Another thing is space. Your garage could be big or maybe small, if you have a small garage or you want to minimize space, then the best thing you can do is to get one piece of equipment doing the most. 

This also lets you have access to home garage gym setup ideas. Let’s style your gym how you want. More space and more work. 

Don’t go overboard if it’s just a Hobby 

workout hobby with garage gym

For some people, working out is a hobby and for others, they require it to keep their jobs or as models or whatever the aim. 

If you are reading this article, it is most likely be useful to work out as a hobby or a little bit more than a hobby and you just extra love your body. 

Whatever the case may be, starting a home garage gym may not be the easiest of things and may not be one of the cheapest either but of course, there is always a cheaper way to get things. 

You have to note that new isn’t always the best especially with pieces of equipment, and also expensive doesn’t always mean quality. With this at the back of your mind, durability is something you should be looking out for. 

If you want to build a gym in your garage on a budget, you should aim at things that last long so you don’t spend more money just because you want cheap things.

 These ideas above will surely guide you through getting the best Garage gym setup for the cheapest prices.

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