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Do Your Shoe Size or Feet Shrink When You Lose Weight?

When most people start losing weight, their main parts of focus are the waist, stomach, arms, and also thighs. 

What they fail to take note of is that your feet can also shrink and go smaller as you lose weight also. 

You may often discover that your old shoes don’t fit anymore and you would need to get new smaller ones when you shed a certain amount of weight. 

There are a lot of ways in which weight loss can also affect your feet size. 

Why Did My Feet Get Smaller? 

Why Did My Feet Get Smaller

Many individuals often discover that their feet have gotten smaller when they lose weight. 

 I know this sounds weird to a lot of you but it’s true and is scientifically proven.

 Expert research shows that when you put on a certain amount of weight, the ligaments in your feet would stretch to contain the fat present. 

When the weight is lost, the stretch reduces and this causes your feet size to reduce, thereby causing the change in shoe size. 

Also, the case of flat feet is more prevalent among obese people as excess weight is a more key factor to the development of flat feet than ageing.  

Also, there is a theory that the flatter your foot is, the wider it becomes and this makes your shoe size bigger than normal.

 So, losing weight also comes with a reduction in feet size. Most times when there is a reduction in feet size, it is due to weight loss. 

Is It Possible TO Get Smaller Feet When You Lose Weight? 

Is It Possible TO Get Smaller Feet When You Lose Weight

When weight loss takes place, the human body changes in numerous ways, some are noticeable and some are largely unnoticeable.

 If you are curious as to know if your feet can actually get smaller when you lose weight, the answer is yes,

 they actually can and most of the time they do grow smaller. 

The confusing part however is that the actual structure of your feet remains the same, the toes do not increase in length. 

But the fat that has accumulated in the toes would be lost and this would cause the feet to shrink in size, making them a little less wide. 

This causes the previous shoes that you wore when you had a large amount of weight not to fit anymore.

 Most people often find this very confusing as the most important aspects of losing weight centre around clothing and no one takes feet size into consideration. 

Does Losing Weight Help Your Feet? 

Does Losing Weight Help Your Feet?

You put a lot of strain on your bones, various joints, and a whole lot of muscles and ligaments that make up your feet when you add excess weight.

 Losing this excess weight can go a long way in keeping your feet healthy and preventing other feet problems in the future. 

Excess fat can also cause inflammation of your feet and this causes a lot of problems to your feet, 

So losing fat actually goes a long way in helping the feet regain complete health.

 Also, loss of weight helps the feet overcome pains and discomfort in the foot. 

So it is super helpful to your feet that you lose weight. 

Can Pregnancy Affect Foot Size?

Can Pregnancy Affect Foot Size?

 Absolutely yes, studies show that during pregnancy there is an increase in weight, 

which causes the feet to enlarge and makes the pregnant woman wear larger shoes than her actual shoe size. 

In a few cases of pregnancy, the feet increment remains permanent as there were certain disorders in the feet region. 

Also, it is known that hormone secretions are very common during pregnancy.

 Bodyweight and feet weight is highly affected by the secretion of progesterone. 

Also, other hormones like a high level of relaxation can cause the ligaments to become a lot looser.

 Also, your feet can swell when you are pregnant as a result of the intense pressure on your veins and also your body’s enhanced fluid retention which makes it difficult for blood to flow correctly. 

To help with all these issues, pregnant people should try to avoid standing for long periods, 

sleep on their left sides, wear compression stockings, get some exercise every day and wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks.

Can Your Feet Hurt if You Are Overweight? 

Can Your Feet Hurt if You Are Overweight?

One of the major causes of foot pain is being overweight. This is because your feet are being subjected to extra weight than normal daily while you carry out your everyday activities. 

Many people who suffer from obesity begin to notice that they feel pain in their foot and this can lead to much worse conditions like plantar fasciitis. 

However, it can be healed when there is a decrease in the additional weight present in the body and this is achieved by frequent exercise.

 If you are finding it hard to exercise regularly you are advised to visit a podiatrist so you can receive professional help on how to carry out a healthy lifestyle.  

There are a lot of dangers obesity poses to the feet as it is made to bear the brunt of the weight of other parts of the body. 

 So if you begin to notice any pains in your feet you should visit a professional podiatrist for professional help. 

What Other Factors Cause Your Shoe Size to Decrease?

What Other Factors Cause Your Shoe Size to Decrease?

 Other factors can cause your feet to decrease and hence make you need smaller shoes, and they are not all good. 

One of the main courses is ageing because as normal human ages, the body becomes smaller and this affects the feet also like the fat surrounding the feet is lost and the need for smaller shoes arises.

 Also, another factor is leprosy, leprosy is quite common in India and Brazil. 

Leprosy often leads to neuropathy and can cause the feet to become shortened due to the neuropathic joints. 

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Bottom Line: 

It is pretty evident now that your feet dodo experience shrinking when you lose weight, 

and also heals whatever pain you feel in your feet that comes as a result of the workload your feet have been subjected to by your body.

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