Having excess weight can have a bad effect on your emotional health as it is often frustrating when you have to follow so many rules just to lose weight. 

Sometimes even when you follow all these procedures, you may not see any progress and feel like you are not trying hard enough and this can lead to depression. 

Some individuals also feel the need to give up as the weight loss cycle seems like it is doomed to fail

And this is not good because one of the most important weapons you need in your weight loss journey is your determination. 

Also, there is a large connection between your feelings and how you eat as some people tend to have irregular eating patterns when they are tired, angry, or depressed. 

Most of these practices lead to extra weight gain and other weight-related disorders. 

What to do to get Motivated to Lose Weight even when Depressed? 

Starting and keeping up with the weight loss process is not easy, especially when you are suffering from depression as a result of your extra weight.

Here are a few tips that can help you boost your motivation on your weight loss journey: 

Figure Out why Exactly you want to Shed Weight

 Most people often do not have a specific reason why they wish to lose weight. 

Studies have shown that it is more helpful if you list down your reasons for partaking in the weight loss journey

 This would help you remain focused on your weight loss journey. You should ensure that you write something personal to you that can serve as a motivation to you, 

As you have to remind yourself of whatever reason you pick every day. Many people just decide to go on the weight loss journey because other people tell them to. 

And this is not really the best approach as people tend to be more committed when the motivation is from their heart. 

Set Daily Goals: 

Weight loss can be a problem if you only think about what you aim to achieve in the end and totally ignore the little progress you make daily. 

Focusing on only the end product can cause a destructive decrease in your motivation towards the weight loss process as they may feel too far-fetched and unattainable. 

Instead of only looking at the end products, you can set daily goals so that you can take the weight loss journey as a daily step and it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Keep Records of your Weight Loss Journey


 This is one of the most important parts of getting the right motivation for your weight loss. 

As people who keep records of their food and calorie intake would most likely lose weight and also cultivate good motivation towards the weight loss process. 

In order to keep correct records of your weight loss journey, You must document every food you eat and every single weight loss activity you partake in. 

Set Realistic Goals

When setting weight loss goals, it is important not to get carried away by various factors and set unrealistic goals.

 The problem with setting unrealistic goals is that when you are unable to reach them, you end up being unsatisfied and this can further lead to depression. 

However, when you set goals that you can achieve and are realistic, there is every tendency that you are going to be fulfilled and you will have the motivation to continue in your weight loss journey. 

Ensure you Choose a Diet Plan that aligns Your Lifestyle: 

It is important that you choose a weight loss pattern that you are familiar and comfortable with for so many reasons. 

If you pick a plan which does not fit your lifestyle you may find it very difficult to uphold that plan in the long term and this can be a hindrance to your motivation. 

The most common weight loss diet plan is cutting calories ingested into the body. The high amount of calories can cause excessive weight gain. 

What are the Ways People Cope with Obesity and Depression?

 Coping with obesity is not as easy as it seems like an increase in exercise might not be enough for the individual. 

There are a lot of other factors that you have to realize as body weight is beyond the physical and the individuals may be suffering from some emotional hurt and pain. 

There are a few ways you can try to improve this situation both physically and emotionally.

Visit a Therapist or a Psychologist

This is very important as there is a need to discuss the mental health and depression issues that surround being obese. 

Become a Member of a Weight Loss Group

 This is important as studies show that when you listen to other people share their success stories on weight issues it tends to increase one’s motivation. 

Ensure you Keep a Record of What you Eat

This is one of the most important aspects because what you eat is one of the biggest aspects of the weight loss journey. 

Connect with People who Share the same Goals as you

 The weight loss journey is much easier when you are taking on it with someone and it also helps you keep your motivation intact. 

You should make sure you Cultivate the Habit of Eating Healthily. 

Create a  wide range of balanced diet food for yourself. Check the food you eat and drink too little. 

Write down everything you eat and the time of day you eat it. It helps you lose weight. 

Can Being Overweight Make you Depressed and Affect you Emotionally? 

How can Obsessed and Depressed People get Over the Stigma and Fat-Shaming

Obesity is mostly associated with physical factors like the addition of weight and all the medical conditions attached to obesity. 

However, obese individuals often suffer from emotional problems too as sometimes they suffer from depression and sadness. 

These negative emotions often lead to stress eating and this can make an individual add extra weight.

  Unless a person can find a way to defeat the emotional aspects of overeating, overcoming obesity may be a difficult problem. 

Changing one’s perceptions and thoughts and addressing the emotional factors linked with obesity, requires an in-depth treatment plan approach.

How can Obsessed and Depressed People get Over the Stigma and Fat-Shaming? 

Obese people often go through a lot of discomforts as there is a stigma on obesity. 

The first step to getting over the stigma and fat-shaming is to know that you are not a danger to society in any way. 

 Also, you have to be positive rather than staying depressed and sad which does not positively affect your weight loss journey. 


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Bottom Line

Depression is quite common with individuals who are overweight especially when they are carrying out weight loss activities without seeing the results. 

However, you should not falter and you must ensure that you take your weight loss journey very seriously.

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