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5 Body Language Signs Tells He Wants You To Lose Weight

Weight and weight loss is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people and must always be treated with utmost caution.

 This makes it very hard for your partner to outrightly tell you to lose weight as different people react differently to being told directly to lose weight.

Is it OK for Your Boyfriend to Tell You to Lose Weight?

Is it OK for Your Boyfriend to Tell You to Lose Weight

 This largely depends on his intentions, it is totally okay if he says it from a place of love and care. 

That he wants you to lose some weight so that you would be healthier and also protect you from other fat-related health issues

You should actually be grateful that he noticed the issue earlier and tells you about it as excessive weight gain can be very detrimental to the human body. 

However, it is not okay if he tells you to lose weight because you added a few pounds and he has become ashamed of being seen in public with you or because he wants to feel better about himself. 

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Says You’re Fat? 

First of all, you have to understand his concern.

 There are various reasons why your boyfriend would decide to talk about the topic of your weight gain. Sometimes it comes from a place to love. 

You should be most understood by your partner, as he should be able to decide between what is helpful to you and what is harmful to you. 

You should definitely try to understand why he called your attention to your weight in the first place before you get angry or offended by his statement. 

Review His Intentions For Initiating The Conversation

 We know that most parts of these conversations emanate from a place of sheer love but you also have to think about what other intentions were behind those words. 

What does he stand to benefit if you lose weight and what approach did he make use of when passing the message across. 

This is very important as it helps you understand his intentions and determine whether they are from a good or bad place. 

doctors Wants You To Lose Weight

You can also deduce if he made the statement from a place of worry and care for your general health wellness or he made it a selfish conquest for his own pleasure.

Tell Him How his Words Made You Feel

You may be unable to process exactly what you felt on the exact day he told you, but it is very helpful for you to find another time to tell your partner exactly how you felt when he told you to lose weight. 

You can talk about everything and the effects his opinions have had on your confidence and your way of thinking. 

You can talk about whether he’s telling you to lose weight has been a motivation.

Find a way Forward

Although it was your boyfriend that called  your attention to the fact that you are adding excess weight, 

You still have the sole right to your body and only you can decide if you want to lose weight or not. 

There is no other person in the world that can dictate for you how you live your life and manage your body weight except you, not even your partner. 

All they can do is render advice and you can choose not to follow their advice. 

You have to decide whether you really want to shed some weight or if you feel comfortable and would not like to change your appearance. 

Formulate a Plan Where You can Work on your Weight Loss Process

 Weight loss can be very hectic as it requires full concentration amongst other things and this requires help from your partner. 

Discuss the Best Possible Solutions for Losing the Fat

 Would you be working with a personal trainer, going to the gym, or doing the whole process from home?

 You can also figure out ways in which your partner can be helpful in your weight loss process without disrupting his own schedule as it is much easier when your partner is involved. 

5 Biggest Signs Your Partner Wants You to Shed Pounds

5 Biggest Signs Your Partner Wants You to Shed Pounds

Sometimes your partner may want you to lose weight but is wary of your reaction if he says it directly so he results in using informal means. 

Here are a few of the biggest signs to know that your boyfriend wants you to lose some weight. 

He Picks you as his Gym Buddy

This is a very supportive approach especially when you have been having a few thoughts and worry about your body. 

If he picks you to be his gym buddy, he is trying to pass the message that he is ready to help you fulfil complete body healthiness and help you skip all hurdles together. 

He Talk More about your Health more than Usual

If he starts talking about body health more often than normal, you should also know that he is indirectly trying to pass the message that you should shed a few pounds. 

You may find him talking more about diets and various workout activities than usual so he’s trying to get you to pay attention to your health.  

Most people often come to the realization that they have added weight only when a little nudge has been applied and the fact made bare to them. 

He Take You Physical Dates more than Usual

If he starts taking you on physical dates more often than normal, you should know that he is indirectly signalling to you to lose some weight

If your date routine becomes more physical than usual, and you begin to go on hiking dates or sports dates. You should know that your partner wants you to lose a healthy amount of weight.

He Start to Eat Healthier Diet more than Usual

If he starts eating healthier than his usual or if he starts eating way less food; This often comes from a place of leading by example. 

He begins these new practices with the hope that paying more attention to the amount and type of food he eats would have a positive effect on how and what you eat also. 

This is a very good and effective practice as it also shows solidarity. Although this is a bit shady and is a bad process.

 sometimes you may find your partner complimenting other people’s diet choices and workout routines in a bid to compare you and make you copy their style, but sadly this can cause depression as it makes you feel inferior and desperate. 

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Bottom Line

There are a lot of different reasons why your boyfriend would ask you to lose weight and you should be able to determine if it is from a place of genuine care about your health or selfish reasons and then you can decide how to tackle it.

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