Black women rank top amongst the most overweight races in most countries. 

Especially the United States. It has been studied that in every five black women present in the United States, three are obese.

 This is highly unhealthy and does call for a healthier lifestyle. Most black women are studied to have been overweight at one point in their lives. 

Why Black Women Are Fatter than White Women? 

Most black women are relatively fatter than white women. This boils down to a couple of reasons: 

Black Women Experience a Faster Metabolism than White Women: 

Black women undergo a much quicker food metabolic process and this leads to a much more eating schedule than the average white woman which causes the black woman to appear fatter

Studies show that the average white woman can go 12 hours without eating but black women can only manage eight and sometimes six. 

This is one of the major causes of the physical size difference between black and white women. 

Choice of Cultural Food

Choice of Cultural Food

 Black women often consume a high amount of fat in their diet as they eat mostly their cultural food. 

White women tend to have less fat-filled meals than black women as most black women’s diet plans involve a lot of burgers, pasta, fried chicken, and fried fish all of which are filled with an unhealthy amount of fat. 

Also, the spices used by black women when cooking also contributes to the difference in size between the average black woman and the average white woman. 

Black Women have the Tendencies to remain Healthy even when they have an Extra Amount of Weight:

As opposed to white women, black women can remain healthy even when they put on an extra amount of weight and this makes them less watchful of their weight as they are a little less prone to diabetes and other weight-related diseases than white women. 

Black Women Tend to Gain a Higher Amount of Weight During Pregnancy: 

Research has shown that black women tend to gain almost twice the amount of weight as white women. 

This also boils down to the difference between the lifestyle of black and white women during pregnancy. 

Most black women because obese during pregnancy and find it extremely difficult to lose the extra weight they gained during the duration of the pregnancy. 

Black Women have Higher Tendencies to Undergo Insulin Resistance: 

Black Women have Higher Tendencies to Undergo Insulin Resistance

When the body has an excess amount of glucose the body secretes insulin which helps regulate the glucose and makes sure only the healthy amount of glucose is present in the body. 

In black women, however, their body sometimes exhibits insulin resistance which makes it difficult for the body to facilitate the release of insulin and this leads to the unhealthy storage of calories. 

Why Black Women Should Stop Taking an Unregulated Weight-Gain Supplement

Why Black Women Should Stop Taking an Unregulated Weight-Gain Supplement

While weight gain supplements have a few advantages, it is much better for you to use the natural methods of weight gain as there are fewer risks involved. 

Weight gain powders have some risks so they are hardly advised but you need to seek the counsel of a professional. 

Here are a few reasons why black women should abstain from using unregulated weight gain supplements: 

Unhealthy Weight Gain: 

If you fail to regulate the way you use the weight gain supplements, you are at risk of experiencing an unhealthy weight gain. 

This is why most black women are advised against using weight loss supplements because due to their increased metabolism they are at higher risk of gaining excess weight. 

Liver Problems:

 Studies have shown that 60 per cent of black women who make use of unregulated weight gain supplements suffer liver problems later in life. 

It is also worse when consumed with alcohol as this causes severe damage to the human liver so you are advised to abstain from this practice. 

Breathing Problems: 

Breathing Problems: 

Black women who also engage in the practice of using unregulated weight gain supplements stand a risk of experiencing breathing problems. 

Also, there are other problems associated with taking weight gain supplements wrongly. 

Sneezing and asthma are also associated with this improper usage of weight gain supplements. 

If you have previous problems with breathing you should definitely avoid taking health supplements. 

Kidney Problems:

 Using unregulated weight gain supplements puts you at risk of having severe kidney problems and this is very risky to your health. 

If you have prior kidney problems, you are highly advised to abstain from any weight gain supplements. 

Advice to live a happier healthier lifestyle: Most people often think healthier lifestyles only include physical activities but you have to also consider your overall body health. 

What are 3 Lifestyle to Become Healthier?

What are 3 Lifestyle to Become Healthier

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure you have a healthier lifestyle;

Ensure you have a Healthy Diet Lifestyle:

 it is very important that you have good eating habits in order to maintain a healthy body shape and this comes with numerous requirements for you to follow. 

It is very important for you to also cultivate these habits in your kids so that when they grow they would be used to good and efficient nutrition techniques. 

Also, you have to desist from the act of irregular snacking as this is an unhealthy practice.

Engage in Adequate Exercises:

 It is very helpful for you to engage in good and healthy exercises as this will help you regulate your body fat and ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Do not Neglect your Mental Health:

 your mental health is also very important as it is a big part of your weight loss journey. 

Most individuals suffer from depression and this causes them to eat more.

Black Woman’s Journey – Before and after Weight Stories

  • Jasmine has lost 88 pounds since February without even going to the gym

Bottom Line: 

Black women are much more likely to gain weight than white women so it is very important for black women to make sure that they take all the necessary precautions to make sure they don’t gain excess weight.


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