UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors; 5 Best Exercise Techniques to Unpack Tight Hip Flexor Stretches

An excruciating, numbing back pain doesn’t always mean you’re getting old so there is no need to check for wrinkles just yet. Sometimes it could be due to tight hip flexors stretches.

These muscles do a lot for your body and if you’re not giving them enough tender loving care, you’re going to be in big trouble.

Unlock Tight Hip Flexor Stretches

In this article, I’m going to talk about the 5 Best Exercise Techniques to Strengthen & Unpack Tight Hip Flexor Stretches.

These exercises are very easy to do and can be done anywhere – in the gym or in your home.

What is a Hip Flexor?

What is a Hip Flexor?

The hip flexors are a group of muscles near the top of the thighs that bring about motion. Your hip flexors are responsible for moving your lower body. These muscles let your walk, kick, bend, and do literally anything with your lower body.

When these muscles become too tight, you’ll end up becoming a literal couch potato because you would be unable to move due to the muscle spasm and the 10,000 shots of pain that will run through your body with a single step.

Why Your Hip Flexors are Tight

Simple, you’re a couch potato.

Your hip flexors are strong, flexible muscles meant to power your legs and movement throughout your entire life, even when you’re old and probably too lazy to move about.

Most people don’t have issues with their hip flexors at a young age. The issues usually arise when they grow older. As a child, you probably ran around and did in a lot of activities like riding your bike, swimming, etc. Simply put, you were very active.

When you grew older, you probably traded a life of fun for a sedentary lifestyle where you spend hours sitting. In the end, your hip flexors fell asleep. As you spend less time moving around, your hip muscles began to shorten.

But this is not the only reason for tight hip flexors. Imbalances between hamstrings and hips can cause hip flexor problems. Lack of exercise can also lead to hip flexor problems.

Hip flexors problems should be taken seriously because they are. If left unaddressed, you may end up needing a hip replacement in the future.

Things To Note Before Doing Tight Hip Flexor Stretches

There are several things to consider before you take out your exercise mat.

The longer the better: Hip flexor stretches work best when you hold the position for long. For some people, it could be quite difficult, but you should try to hold each position for at least 30 seconds.

Maintain a regular breathing pattern: Some hip flexor exercises can be challenging and if you can’t keep your breathing steady, you may get exhausted very fast.

Maintain control: To stretch perfectly, you will have to know how to keep your body in a certain position. If you’ve not been stretching before, try easy stretches like the lying quad stretch, bowflex, standing hamstring stretch, and frog stretch.

Stretch don’t strain: Avoid stretching to a point where it feels painful. This is counterproductive and would cause more harm than good.

5 Best Exercise Techniques to Strengthen & Unpack Tight Hip Flexor Stretches

The following are the best working exercise to unlock your hip flexors the key to strength and vitality

1. Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch to UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors


  • Sit upright with the soles of your feet together.
  • Try moving your feet close to your hips and your knees towards the ground.
  • Place your palms on your legs as you lean forward.
  • Lean gently and not too far to avoid overextending your hips.
  • Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds or about 2 minutes if you can.
  • Repeat this process up to 5 times.

While this procedure is basic, there are many ways to deepen the intensity of the butterfly stretch. You could round your spine and bring your forehead to the ground as you lean forward. This could be challenging for some people and in some cases, it could lead to strain.

If you’re just starting out, follow the basic instructions above.

2. The Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose to UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors

This is a simple tight hip flexor stretch but you should observe certain precautions when doing this pose. Before I get down to the precautions, I’ll talk about the pose itself.

To do the bridge pose;

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor, and as far apart as your shoulders.
  • Your heels should be directly below your knees and your upper arms should remain on the floor and on your sides.
  • Bend your elbows alongside your ribs with your forearms and fingers pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Press your elbows and lift your chest. Push with your feet to bring your hips off the ground.
  • Bring your forearms to the ground, extend them towards your heels, and interlace your fingers behind your back.
  • Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and release by unclasping your fingers and slowly rolling your spine back to the floor


  • Avoid clenching your butt checks or pushing your inner groins. You should push with your feet.
  • Watch out for pressure on the neck
  • Keep your legs parallel to each and your knees pointed forward.

3. Kneeling Lunges

Kneeling Lunges to UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors


  • Place your left knee on the floor and bend your right leg 90 degrees in front of you with foot flat.
  • Place your right hand on your right hip and maintain an upright torso.
  • Lengthen your spine and raise your left foot, grasp your left foot with your left hand to increase the stretch.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then switch legs to repeat the stretch on the other side.

4. Seated Hip Stretch

Seated Hip Stretch to UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors


  • Repeat the butterfly pose, by sitting with the soles of your feet touching each other.
  • While seated, place your hands on your ankles. Keep your back straight and tall.
  • Pull your feet slightly away from your hips. With your back straight, lean forward gently until your hips stretch. Avoid stretching until you feel pain.

5. Knee To Chest

Knee To Chest to UNLOCK YOUR HIP Flexors


  • Lie on your back and then extend both your legs
  • With our left leg straight and your lower back pressed into the floor, pull your right knee into your chest. Clasp your fingers on your right knees.
  • Keep the position for as long as you can (up to 2 minutes).
  • Repeat the stretch on the other leg.

Other Tight Hip Flexor Stretches To Try Out

  • One-Legged King Pigeon Pose
  • Mermaid Pose

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