Sit-ups Last Longer Exercise

Intercourse is great but can lead to depression if you can’t satisfy a woman or get to her climax, and there is nothing you can do about it then how to last longer?

This has made many men avoid sex as a whole starting looking for solutions to this problem. No matter how much she loves you, if she can’t get good sex then there is a tendency you might get angry from time to time.

How To last longer for ladies during Intercourse and be achieved in many ways either naturally or via other methods. One of the major methods used by many men is drugs and the most popular one is Viagra.

This drug has been used by many to improved sexual stamina and it has proven to be really effective but with no long last effect which means you have to take it from time to time or any time, you want to have sex.

Asides this, there are natural herbs taken by men which have been proven to make them last longer during Intercourse and please their women for a longer period. These herbs are made from natural extracts and they are believed to be better than drugs.

The process of ejaculation is called cumming as slang or coming.

The search for how to last longer before coming has been going on for a long time. Exercises have been believed to help men last longer in bed naturally.

This is the most advisable solution and the most logical solution to increase your sexual stamina without using any external things.

5 Best Exercises to help Men last Longer during Intercourse

Kegels To Last Longer

Kegel exercises to last longer in bed

This is one of the best exercises when the aim is to build the endurance levels of and control by the man.

It is how to last longer tips known to be one of the best in this respect as it gives the man the ability to control and also last longer by toning the pubococcygeus muscles also called the pc muscles. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the pelvic region.

They add strength to the muscles in the pelvic floor of the body and this ultimately leads to a better sexual experience.

The contraction of these muscles just before an orgasm or “cumming” And this is the result of the Kegels exercise as it delays ejaculation.

Men ejaculate from the same channel through which they urinate so learning to control urination can be used as a means to control ejaculation.

This is not a very simple exercise. It does not require physical strength but a lot of mental and muscular strength.

When you want to urinate, try interrupting the flow of your urine midway. This helps you get familiar with your pc muscles. Try to hold in as long as 10 seconds.

Weight Lifting Exercises For Men

Weight Lifting Exercises For Men

This is not very logical but yes it works. You need to increase your whole and overall physical strength of you want to improve your time in Intercourse and last longer.

Learning how to last longer during sex naturally is not something that happens fast so you need to be ready and know that it’s not going to be easy.

Weight lifting is one way to improve one’s overall strength and thus it makes one last longer. Weight lifting also has its advantages as it causes a man to release a hormone called testosterone. his hormone is one which increases the male sex drive. Once it is low, a man would not be able to have an erection and even if he can ejaculation would be very fast.

The muscles can also increase a person’s sexual stamina because these muscles are required during Intercourse.

Sit-ups Last Longer Exercise

Sit-ups Last Longer Exercise

This is another great exercise for sex. This is because, for men, it helps improve the pelvic region and helps the muscles in these areas get stronger and be able to endure more thus increasing the stamina of such individuals.

This is one great exercise because it can be done anywhere. You don’t need any special materials.

You can begin with this right where you are and all you need is yourself. To do a proper sit up, lie flat and fold your legs till the back of your feet touches your buttocks and make sure it is stable and not moving.

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Fold your hands in such a way that your palms carry your head from the back. Pull your body upwards to your raised knee and go back down. Repeat for as long as you can.

Bicep curls Men Workouts

Bicep curls Men Workouts

This exercise does a great job when it comes to increasing sexual stamina. It falls into the category of exercises which helps you build your sexual stamina although not directly connected to the muscles in play.

How to make your Man Last Longer Without him Knowing

Sometimes you want to only be with someone but you just want them to up their game and have a better sexual experience with them. This is very okay.

Instead of complaining all day, you can make do something to help them improve even without them having any idea about this. Here are some things you can do

1. Ask them to Wear a Condom

A condom reduces the pleasure in sexual Intercourse for a man and since this is the case it means they would last longer in bed and with you.

How To Last Longer practical health tips

If you want to have Intercourse, you should ask him to wear a condom to reduce the feel.

2. Make Him Ejaculate First

When a man has sex for the first time in a while or after a long period, it could be easy for him to ejaculate and this could be seconds. You want to get that out and make him ejaculate that leaving him with a fresh start.

It is okay if you do not last long and you want to learn how to last longer naturally. You are not alone and the majority of the men face this problem.

Following these exercises right here in the article would make sure you take your life back again and have your spouse all to yourself.

You need to be prepared and be determined to see this through to the end and watch your progress.

You don’t have to do these exercises when you are convenient or when only when you can. You need to make sure you have a plan and you must follow it.

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