5 Best Workout For Back and Biceps for Women

5 Best Workout For Back and Biceps for Women Building back Muscle

In actuality and in truth no one requires you to train your back and your biceps together although there numerous workout for back and biceps.

There is no problem if you decide to exercise them differently or if you decide to work in both of them individually. Although this is the case, it is more effective and shows more results when you decided to both of them as a pair.

The female body, just like the male’s body is a work of art and would be quite a beauty when these results start to manifest in pairs. These exercises simply help build the upper body parts which are made of largely of the whole back and the biceps helping you get a larger and fit looking arm and a strong looking back.

5 Best Workout For Back and Biceps for Women

Combining the workout for back and biceps has proven to be more advantageous and show more results than just doing them individually. You can think of the biceps as the secondary or tertiary mover when you think of your back training.

It is the secondary mover when you doing any sort of pull up or pull down or row.

For this reason, it is only logical to do both together as it makes it more efficient as stated above. Bicep exercises involve more than one joint and this is the elbow flexes. The back, on the other hand, focuses on a lot more than one.

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Here are the 5 Best workouts for back and biceps for women building back muscle.

1. Vertical Pulls Workout for Back and Biceps

Vertical Pulls Workout for Back and Biceps

When you enter the gym this is the first thing you might want to do to warm yourself up and if you want to build your back and your biceps, you should be thinking of starting with a pull-up.

Although many people see pull-ups as just a means of heating up oneself before the actual exercise begins, this is not the only use.

It could also be used in building the back and biceps actively. Pull-ups help you build yourself carrying your own weight and using that weight to build yourself. It’s one way to the lats ready for work. Although it seems easy when seen.

It is not as easy as it looks. It can be very demanding especially in the early stages but once u get used to it. It becomes totally easy.

It is in a group of exercises called vertical pulls. In vertical pulls classes of exercises you have to pull vertically, it also involves lat pulldown variations.

There are certain vertical pulls that target certain back and muscles and some of these include lat pulls downs as well as the lat pull-ups which works majorly on the upper lats. This whole exercise works on the upper back increasing its width from time.

When you wonder and ask yourself “How do you build back and arm muscles?” getting knowledge about these exercises is important for a successful gyming campaign.

Some of these vertical pull variations include reverse-grip lat pull down Wide-grip lat pull down, neutral-grip lat pull down, assisted pull-up or chin-up (using a machine or bands), wide-grip pull-up, neutral-grip pull-up, chin-up, assisted pull-up or chin-up (using a machine or bands).

2. Low Cable Row Workout for Back and Biceps

Low Cable Row Workout for Back and Biceps

There is added tension on the back when one uses a cable. There is an application of constant tension on the back and this one must use this exercise as a pre-exhaust exercise before one decided to hit the dumbbell rows.

To make sure you get the most of the back and bicep exercise on this one, make sure you pull from the elbow and Do not pull from your hands. This is a great back exercise as well as a great bicep exercise too.

3. Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row Workout

This is one of the most effective exercises, the dumbbell rows. They are awesome because they let you get great stretches and awesome tension. You would use more biceps and more lats especially when you pull the weights right into your pockets.

When you do your back and biceps workouts with dumbbells, you get a lot of results because there is enough tension on those muscles already.

4. Barbell Biceps Curl

Barbell Biceps Curl workout exercises

This is another exercise that builds the back and the biceps but this one focuses more on the biceps. To do this you should start 3ith the 7 full reps.

You should also go from the top to the midway. 7 reps from the top to the midway also would be very great for the biceps too. You should then end this session from the bottom to the midway point.

To make this more effective, you should pause on the second set of 7 when you intend stopping the rep when it has gotten just halfway through.

This will apply a lot of stress to the muscle making them grow.

5. Pronated-grip curls

Pronated-grip curls Best Workout For Back and Biceps for Women

These are also known as reverse calls. They are the direct opposite of another type of exercise called the supinated grip which is another exercise for building the biceps.

In this type of bicep and back exercise, your grip is flipped in such a way that your palm faces yours in the opposite directions that means the back of your palm faces you and it also faces down to the floor.

This exercise is very efficient too for the back and biceps.

The mindset For Workout for Back and Biceps

All these exercises are really demanding and you might get to the point where you would need assistance to do some things. You need to be dedicated as this killer back and bicep workout has not described this way for anything. They seem really effective.


Many beginners like to think there is special work out for them. Beginner back and bicep workouts are very similar to those who have been in the game for a while. They are just lighter as they feature the lighter variations.

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They should work more on wanting to go further and increase their drive. The passion is more important than the workout itself because the workout is a waste of time is there is no consistency.

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